6 Things to Know About Newswire Services Before Hiring One

Is writing press release part of your PR strategy? If you have tried pitching to reporters, but haven’t achieved results, you may be interested to hire press release distribution sites to generate media coverage.

Do you know how online distribution services work? If you are interested to use this method, you have to ensure that you know how they can really help your business.

You may have possible read a lot about newswire services. However, there are things that they may not be telling you. Here are 6 things you need to know before hiring one:

  1. It’s not your hope to garner high SEO ranking.

Since Google’s update in 2013, links from press releases no longer serve SEO value to increase your rankings on the search engines. Links on releases are tagged as “nofollow,” otherwise they are considered a violation that can affect your SEO ranking.

Press releases are still a great way to promote your products. However, it should have to be “nofollowed” because they are unnatural links. Do not stuff keyword rich anchor text links in the releases, according to Barry Schwartz of the Search Engine Roundtable.

  1. Press release distribution can boost your social media exposure.

Distributing your content through wire services can help you gain exposure. Before choosing any service, ask if they have a feature that allows social media sharing or social sharing tools embedded in the releases.

A social media button feature lets users who read your release to share it in their social media networks. Users can share it on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels, like, tweet, blog, email and download it. It’s a great way to distribute your story naturally as it encourages the actual users to share it and not the automated feeds.

  1. Press release distribution can generate leads.

By using such service, you can get exposed to journalists and news publications and earn mentions or even publicity. If your brand earned an editorial placement, make sure to share it.

Mentions or coverage can lead to more inquiries, phone calls, traffic and even sales. Third-party endorsement is an earned media that can boost your credibility. Take for instance when a consumer wants to decide between you and another company. They would choose you over the other because your story was published in a top news publication.

  1. Some wire companies just syndicate.

If you are leveraging on this kind of PR tactic, make sure that you choose the kind of service that you get. Several free and cheap companies only offer syndication of your news. They only publish it to their websites and not really reaching relevant journalists and news publications.

Before hiring a service, know the features that they have. Ask questions like how your story can get published in different sites and locations. Connect with relevant companies like PRWeb, Newswire and Business Wire.

Press releases should have relevant keyword so users can find it when searching. Make sure that you create valuable content that provides the readers some benefits. These are natural ways to reach increase your SEO ranking.

  1. It’s not the one-time solution for your backlink issues.

Brands cannot depend on releases to gain backlinks. Google mandate to use a “nofollow” link in the releases.

Although you should be aware that when your story is picked up by journalists, news sites and search engines, they link back to your site. This is an organic way to earn backlinks. It is awarded by Google because the more backlinks you gain, the higher is your SEO ranking.

  1. Not all press release services offer good analytics.

You need to know how hiring a distribution service benefit your brand. Check if the company you want to work with offer analytic reports including page views, where your content is located, headline impressions, page reads and interactions.

The  key performance indicator (KPI) of measuring the performance of an SEO tactic is the amount of media coverage you received through distribution and syndication. The PR company can provide you with reports, charts, stats from time to time.

Another way to determine its success is to know if you meet your goal. You should receive feedback and reports when working with press release distribution channels.

press release review site: https://www.onlinebusiness.com/review/newswire-com-share-story-across-multiple-channels